ERTEERTE Works - Advertising Agency



We manage the process in perception of the articles and images to address the message or the thought.


We reflect our knowledge and potential to paper by considering our customers various needs according to the requests of the materials.


In our web application; we flawlessly harmonize by using high technology and user-friendly communications standards.


Within the systematic media planning and purchasing frame, we make it sure to deliver its advertising message to target group in the most effective & economical way.


For your powerful productions that reflects your brand spirit, we believe that your expectations are not impossible as Erte Team.

Social Media

We socialize your company with the most effective campaigns and creating powerful profiles for you to take your place on social media efficiently.

 Why ERTE?

We always be your solution partner!

We gives importance to customer satisfaction!

We are ambitious!

We are picky!

We are fast!

We are hard-working!

We are creative, young and experienced!

We are practical!

Customer Reviews

  • First of all, we trust Erte. It is the most important aspect. They are brilliant at immediate support. They are being a part of our company. Thank you so much.

    Gilmaz Chint / Zetaa

  • Erte is an "Honest", "trustworthy" company. It is innovative and ambitious community of professional artists.

    Ahmet Aytemiz / Aytemiz Oil Company

  • Erte is fast, trustworthy, creative advertisement agency that consists true artists under the same roof.

    Samet Durmuş / Dgroup

  • We proceed a long way since we started cooperating with Erte. We had too many question marks on our heads when we first started branding. Thanks to the assistance and high quality service from Erte, we have made big step forward to our aim.

    Nurhan Ertoğral / Yapira

  • We would like to thank you for your care. At last, Erte, an advertisement agency that ease our work! We highly appreciated your work.

    Elif Beyli / Allforyou

  • Firstly, we would like to thank your company and designers. Erte is always positive, creative and solution-orientated.

    Hasan Yener / Mimsan Group Companies

  • Erte, since we established our brand; they have been serving fast with their successful ideas. Thank you all!

    Okan Şenyuva / Şenyuva Brushes